Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another Surgery in December

Friends, I have one more surgery...which I'm praying is the last.

The surgery is a follow up to my post on July 17 regarding pathology results. Here is a paragraph from that post in case you missed it.

"In my last update I mentioned that Dr. L sent off some skin/tissue samples to pathology and they did come back as he expected.  I have some skin not healing correctly and I believe he referred to it as granulation tissue. My plastic surgeon described this as skin that is trying to heal, but instead produces little clusters of blood vessels.  These blood vessels are very tender and bleed easily, plus they have a lot of nerves going to them causing pain and discomfort. He believes one of his incisions didn't heal well because of excessive swelling in the months following surgery.  He and Dr L. will discuss timing and procedures and then will want me to come back down for an outpatient surgery.  Obviously, going back to the operating table under anesthetic is the last thing I want to do right now, but they believe they can relieve some ongoing pain I'm having if I allow them to remove this granulation tissue and any scar tissue they find during the procedure."

Well, my plastic surgeon and gyn-oncologist both wanted me to come back right away, but I have not mentally been ready to go back to the operating table.  I've been told that Post Traumatic Stress is a real thing in cases like mine and I believe it.  I have anxiety over medical things I've never worried about before at all (like I.V.'s and CT barium drinks)!  Actually I get anxiety in general sometimes and I've never dealt with that.  I don't like it!

Oops, I'm spiderwebbing today.  So....back to the subject (which I'm trying to avoid).

I will leave for Houston on December 3rd and my parents will meet me there.  I'm hoping to find a decent flight later today.  That afternoon they will do blood work and 2 CT scans; one of my lower abdomen and one of my chest.  Without making any of you too uncomfortable (I hope) I will explain the three things they will be looking for;  1) Signs of cancer 2) Where all my organs, etc have settled since surgery  3) If there is any opening behind the scar tissue that they currently see (and plan to remove) in the vaginal reconstruction area. Obviously, we want # 1 to be negative and #3 to be positive.  If #3 is positive it will make this follow-up surgery less intensive.  Please pray for these things.

On December 4th, I will have pre-op appointments with the Doctors and hospital techs.  On December 5th, I will have the surgery and examination under anesthetic.  I do have to decide if I will use a skin graph or a mesh to coat the area where the skin has to be removed to reheal properly. I'm very tired of being cut on, so the skin graph from my outer thing sounds terrible.  I'm also not a proponent of putting something man-made in the body. Please pray for this decision to be clear and from God.

I am going to look for my husband, Billy, plane tickets to come down the night before surgery and stay through Sunday.  We are looking for a 2 bedroom hotel suite or small apartment we can rent for 1 week. Danina has a speaking engagement a couple hours away, so may come up for the surgery as well.  I'm hopeful that the doctor will call me today and let me know how long they think we need to stay there.  We are kind of guessing at this point.  They believe I would have the surgery as an out-patient and just stay close by for about a week until I can have a post-op appointment to release me.  I'm not sure if I will fly or drive home.  This may depend on how well I am recovering and able to sit after the surgery. 

Going to Houston always brings about a hundred questions.  Some will not get answered until we are right there in the moment unfortunately.  They are so very busy there, but do great at taking care of who is in front of them that day!

Please pray for all the details of this trip and everyone involved. 

Thank you prayer warriors.  You are faithful encouragers and I know we couldn't have made it this far without you!  When I am too weak to pray, I know that you all are!  Thank you!