Tuesday, August 28, 2018

I felt so discouraged, but then this happened!

I had a my CT scan this morning, with IV contrast, and outside of a little itchiness, no allergic reaction! Praise and answer to prayer! What is REALLY AMAZING & HUMBLING is that there is no blood clot in my lung as they recently suspected and my cancer has SHRUNK! It’s shrunk! I can hardly believe it. Just since my last scan two weeks ago. PTL! ✝️🙌🏻 A huge positive answer to prayer! 

Also, Dr B. thinks the two antibiotics and the three 50 mg steroids I’ve taken since last night should have me on the mend soon with a minor case of Inflammation in my lungs, probably pleuritis caused more from being so sick with the respiratory infection, rather than the clinical trial meds. This is painful inflammation in the lining of my lungs, which adds to my fatigue and discomfort. The steroids will stay in my body for a few days and keep working on this. Next treatment is in two weeks - skipping today due to inflammation and infections. 

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you Mama! (I think she talked to God for me!) Thank you God!💜👆🏻 I’ll be smiling and napping off all my benedryl now!

Satan wants us to wonder if our prayers matter. He wants us to stop asking because we are discouraged. Whatever you face today dear friend, keep seeking Him, keep knocking at His door, Keep asking for what you need and want and hope for! ✝️👆🏻

Prayer Requests Today

Today I should be going to have my clinical trial treatment, but following 11 days of feeling really really really crummy I’m on my way to have a CT Angio to look for a possible blood clot in my lungs. I really don’t believe this is going to be the case, but I am concerned I may have their next suspicion of Pleuritis - inflammation in the lining of my lungs. 

I will need to be on strong steroids to remedy this and I have to be off of my trial temporarily to take steroids. I feel crummy enough for his is okay with me. 

Also I had hives about 8 months ago with my routine Ct scan IV Contrast so they have refused to give me the contrast and just added an MRI to my routine. Today, however, I have taken 13 hours of pre-meds so that I can have the IV contrast and hopefully not go into an allergy attack. 

Please pray I have no allergic reaction. Pray there is no blood clot. Pray that my body can recover and heal so I can get back on my clinical trial to fight this cancer, and get back to living. 💜🙏🏻✝️👆🏻