Monday, June 5, 2017

5 years a Miracle, 50 more to go

I'm laying in my bed thinking about this night 5 years ago. The night of my very own miracle. Some may say June 5, 2012 was not a miracle. Some may find it easier to believe that these highly educated and experienced oncologists made a horrible mistake. No friends, these doctors at Md Anderson don't gather 30 people in a room for a 15-18 hour surgery, having the patient rent an apartment for a month 10 hours from home, and tell me I will feel like I've been in a bomb explosion....and then it's a mistake. Dr L had to swallow some pride that day and have courage to abort that major surgery and not be able to scientifically explain the change he and his colleagues witnessed in my case. I remember this past experience because it helps increase my faith for what miracles could still happen in my future. And the future of others. I remember because it overwhelms me that I would receive an undeserved gift such as this. Just like my underserved gift of salvation. All I have to do is believe and it's all mine. ✝️ 

On this night 5 years ago I rested in that Houston apartment hardly able to believe what had occurred. Sleepless, I received a text from my sister that she thought she was going into early labor. The stress and emotion of June 5th brought us an early born, miracle baby, perfect and beautiful. Created to be the middle child in today's Preston family. Born June 6th, 2012 was my little nephew, who I like to think of as my miracle baby. 

Happy birthday little man. God has big plans for you. How do I know? Well, I'm a middle child too.....and I just believe.