Thursday, October 8, 2015


Well, not terrible news, not great news. Doctor Said I can have a break and come back for scans in January. But no change in nodules this time. I was bummed they didn't shrink at all after 9 more weeks of chemo. No cancer anywhere else in the body either though, so that's good news. Said the nodules could be dead and still showing, but too small for pet scan to show the "glow" of being active or not right now. He said I can choose to continue treatment, or be done until January and see what happens. Or just do avastin (doesn't allow new blood vessel growth) but he just did that with a patient and there was no change. I think I choose a break and go back in January. I ask him about the growth patterns of my cancer and he said the risk of it spreading to where there is nothing they can do between now and January is slim. Because of side effects he agrees a break for the holidays sounds right. Reminded me we are doing this to prolong life, not a cure right now so a quality of life break is a good idea. If growth again in January I will begin chemo again, but if no growth I can continue a break I assume. We are processing this news and believe your prayers are really helping us face it in the most positive way. I'm sure I'll have harder days, but today I feel more hopeful than afraid or discouraged. I know that the ability to find hope and even joy in the midst of this trial is from God alone. I was reminded that this is not about God giving me strength. It is about His strength in me. Thank goodness it's not about me at all. 

We will continue to pray that there is no evidence of disease in the January scans. (No new spots, no growth of current spots). We will pray against fear and discouragement as we wait and my body begins to rebuild after chemo effects. We will praise Him for this time of no treatment needed!  Thank you once again for walking beside us and sometimes carrying us. 💜

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

All Done for Today.

Pray at 5:30!

Friends, we are safely at MD Anderson in Houston and asking for prayers for clear scans at 5:30 today! 

Remember this blog post?  Pray Deuteronomy with us! 💜

Friday, October 2, 2015

Thanks for prayers!

Thank you for the specific prayers I requested a week or so ago. I go back this morning to get a permanent crown placed on my tooth post root-canal. 
My ostomy pain has healed and my reconstruction area is much improved, though that is a chronic problem until God miraculously heals it more correctly. 
I had what I hope to be my last treatment on Wednesday though I don't feel like I can celebrate until after my scans at MDA in Houston next week! We did have some "purple fun" though! Katy got a bit queezy as they had trouble with my port! I almost had to call out "Caregiver Down"! 

22 Weeks, 19 treatments done!