Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Today’s Prayer Requests

We have a couple prayer requests this morning. 

My mom had an extremely hard week last week causing her to have a 3 night stay in the hospital. She’s home now and much better, but they are considering changing her treatment plan. Please be in prayer for wisdom in this decision.  Pray that God will heal mom’s lungs from any treatment damage and cancer damage that has been caused. Pray that she will be at peace. 

I am waiting to hear if Dr Beck is able to get a clinical trial for rare cancers approved for our SWOG local treatment facility in Fayetteville through Highlands Onc.  SWOG stands for SW ONCOLOGY GROUP.  They have created a trial to help those of us that combined represent 30% of all cancer. I love that they took the initiative to see that rare cancer is falling through the cracks for study and advancement in treatment, so combining us all gives a large enough study group/cohort to justify approval. Please pray that this trial will get approved here locally and that I will be a candidate. I have an appointment in two weeks as we all hope it will be ready to go at that time. It is the newest immunotherapy which would be just what I have hoped for! 

Thanks for being our prayer warriors!