Monday, April 23, 2018

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

George & Patricia                   Billy & Kristina 
Denver 2018                            Houston 2012

Patricia being taken by ambulance from Meeker to Glenwood Springs. Feb 2018.

Kristina taken by ambulance from Springdale to Houston. April 2013. 

My Grandma Bessie (Mom’s Mom) coming to the hospital for us.

This family continues to amaze me with their immediate & continuous support! In less than 24 hours after hearing the initial news that our Mom, Patricia, has a non-curable, but treatable cancer called multiple myeloma, spouses and kids had already selflessly sent all my siblings to Colorado to be with Dad, Mom & I at the hospital. 

What a treasured opportunity to have experienced this sacrificial love personally. Now to give it back to my mom leaves me without words. 

How grateful I am to get to help my parents after all they’ve helped me! 

Another cancer journey. 

And we are still for each other and for His glory! 

  Team Kristi.                        Team Patricia
     Purple                                 Burgundy 
         &                                           &
Green (Hope)                    Yellow (Optimistic Joy)

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