Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Post Operative Checkup - July 2013

"Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6 Some versions say not to be terrified of them, one says not to panic before them; a third says not be afraid or tremble. This verse has been coming to mind for a couple weeks as I knew my follow-up trip to Houston was approaching. Dread is the perfect word to describe my emotions leading up to this visit, but when my sister, Amy, sent me the same verse from her bible study this morning her version used the word terror.  I felt a tinge of terror when I walked back into the Mays building and for a minute fought back the urge to throw up. It felt as if I was walking back into my own battlefield of bad memories.

My appointment was at 9:30 and by the time I saw my doctor at 12:00 I had relaxed some again. I had missed two more appointments by the time he came to my room, but this has been normal and I tell myself it is because he is helping another woman in her own battle against cancer.  No need to be frustrated with him, he helped cure me....and will cure many more with his God given talents/knowledge.

The doctor said he found none of my symptomatic issues to be serious and gave me a few answers.  I do have a section of skin that is not healing properly post surgery and he removed the skin to allow for it to regrow and heal properly.  He will send this to pathology to confirm that his diagnosis is correct, but he feels certain that this was done to aide in healing and not because of concern for any cancer.

I  have been having a lot of nerve-type pain in my feet, but a change in my long term antibiotic is greatly helping this. The Infectious Disease doctor overseas this, and was still willing to see us very late. Our prayer is that this 2nd tier antibiotic will still kill all of this slow dyeing bacteria infection.

I took the time to visit my hospital nurses and physical therapist between appointments (see pic) and it was so fun to see everyone.  I remembered a nurse saying that patients leave their floor and they never know what happens to them, so I wanted to encourage them that their hard work is worth it.

All doctors and nurses thought I was doing really well for not quite 6 months post surgery and said I don't have to come back for 3 more months!

Tomorrow I get to see a woman who had my same surgery 2 years ago and ask her all my nitty gritty questions.  I'm excited for this divine appointment! 

One more appointment on Friday morning with the plastic surgeon and then we head back home.  Tomorrow mom and I get to be tourists in Houston and we don't have to have any tears or DREAD while we do it!

Thanks everyone for your many many prayers, your financial gifts, your well wishes.  We have been beyond blessed by all of you through this time.  Today someone texted me they were in awe of me. I didn't have to think at all about who she should be in awe of.....all of you.  The ones that have entered into this journey with me, prayed me through the most difficult 6 months of my life, volunteered time, money, advice and gifts well beyond anything I would have dreamed.  God has blessed me, and my entire family, with such wonderful friends and church family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I'll have to post more about the outpouring of blessings and how it has encouraged me soon, but know that without all of you and our Savior I couldn't have gotten through this time (my personal battlefield) like I did.



  1. Thanks so much for sharing, Kristi! So encouraging to hear this, and to see you recovering so quickly! God's still got great plans ahead for you... opportunities to change even more lives than you already have!
    *hugs* Stay encouraged, sister! We're all still praying for you!

  2. What a blessing to read!! I don't know what to say but "Thank You Jesus!" Your recovery is truly amazing. God's grace and power is overflowing in and through you. Yes, you have nothing to dread or to be afraid of. It IS the LORD your God who is with you!!

    Much love, Brian Hyde