Saturday, October 18, 2014

No more Houston this year!

I'm beyond excited to share that the pulmonologist (lung specialist) has decided that the nodules in my lungs are too small to biopsy right now.  I know my excitement may seem crazy to some of you.  It does mean that I have to wait it out, not knowing what the nodules are......but right now it feels like good news.  It means I will actually go 12 months without any surgeries!!!  My last one was in December 2013 and now I'm in the clear until 2015 at least.  I'm VERY excited about a holiday season with no trips to Houston! I'll go back in January or February depending on what the doctors decide. They will do another CT scan then to see if there has been any growth/change. Isn't it awesome how God knows just what we need!  I physically, emotionally and mentally needed and wanted a surgery free 2014!

Please continue to pray that the nodes have no change between now and the next scans.  We don't want any additional nodes, nor any node growth.  Also, continue to pray that the granulation tissue is no longer a problem so that my reconstruction finally heals properly.

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