Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It's A crazy life....but it is life and I'm thankful.

It's a crazy life....but it is life and I'm thankful. 

Some of you may know that we had to sell our house in 2014 and have been leasing a home since then. Last year when our lease was up we were searching for a house and didn't find what we wanted, plus I was about to begin 21 weeks of chemotherapy. So, we decided to renew our lease for another year. 

Our lease is up again the end of May and although we had a house on 3 acres chosen, it fell through. No Matter what we did, we couldn't make it work. It sure appeared to be the perfect place for our family, but we finally had to let it go. With no other homes meeting our needs and some new financial drains we were sure we'd have to renew our lease for yet a 3rd year.  Even the kids were sad at this prospect. 

While working through these home details we have also been testing for clinical trials. That has been a crazy ride! After being turned down for over 5 out of state trials and the local trial being delayed, I had to fight to stay positive. Trusting it would work out, I did finally receive word that I tested positive for Mesothelian so once my scan was reviewed once more I'd be off to Maryland! The next day, I hear the local trial has been given a trial number and should be a go in a week. 
We mourned the idea of owning a home of our own again, but we celebrated I may have two trial options. 

Within days, the tide turned.

The trial in Maryland was canceled because of safety concerns and won't be reconsidered for 6 months minimum, if ever. The local trial is now on hold again because of labeling issues and they hope it will be available in June sometime.  This is so disappointing to my human mind. 

In our sadness about the trials we found a home that we are excited about and the funding became available so that we can move the end of May! 

Isn't that a crazy couple weeks! 
I'll have to share more about how God worked to provide this home for our family, but right now I am going back for a CT scan to determine growth rate of my current cancer spots. This will help us know if I can wait longer for a trial or if I must do a maintenance chemo. 

Pray now please that God intervenes! That my body continues to be protected by the blood of  Jesus! That the cancer has not spread and that I can continue to wait for a trial. 

I know I am in a scary situation, but I love this crazy life enough to keep fighting for more! 

To God be the glory, forever and ever. Amen. 

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