Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hard to Find Words

Hey friends,

I know its been too long since I wrote.  I find it's hard to find words while I'm "just waiting".  I've been in this place of "waiting" before, but this time is much different.  I can't just sit and focus on the situation while I wait.  I can't close the book for 6 months until this "season of life" is over.  You see, I don't know how many more chapters are in this story.  I don't know if the good or evil wins when this story concludes.  Some days I can't even guess what's coming on the next page.

So, instead of "waiting" I am busy "living".

I've cleaned out closets and sold well-used toys and clothes at a yard sale.  I got sunburned and my nose peeled because I didn't take the time to put my fancy face lotion on to protect my aging skin.

I planted some flowers in a couple pots out front and then forgot to cover them up when the weather turned back to freezing temperature at night.

I panicked that someone was going to see my huge piles of laundry and began taking all the big comforters to the cleaners.  Then I let them call me four times before I picked them up.

I took my son shopping and admired how tall and handsome he's become. I laughed when he picked out a hat in the exact style his dad used to wear at his age. I really laughed when he told me how "hot" he was in the hat!

I spent two full week-ends sitting in an arena just to watch my daughter's 2.5 minute cheer routine.  Then I had to wait another two hours to find out that she did so well that we get to do it all over again in two weeks!

I stood on my head and pulled weeds outside.  I laid in my bed on a hot pack because my neck and shoulder hurt so bad afterward. 

I tried a brand new recipe on friends.  They loved it.  I tried a brand new recipe at home.  They hated it. 

I promised to get rid of both of our dogs.  Later, I chased them down the street scared to death they'd get away and I'd have to tell the kids they were gone.

I'm "waiting" to hear about clinical trials and treatment.
I'm "living" to not waste a page in my story.


  1. You truly inspire. Peacefulness; prayerfulness; graciousness. Thank you.

  2. Love the normal-ness of this post.