Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Answers aren’t what we hoped, but God’s still Greater!

Well after 5 hours at HOG today we know why I’ve been so sick once again. The Colitis seems to be taken care of after 4 weeks of steroids. But they do think I have an upper respiratory infection of some sort, caused by a virus originally. My flu test was negative, which I almost wish was the problem. But now I also have what they call auto-immune hepatitis, also caused by my trial meds. It is a temporary condition treatable by more strong steroids, which I’ve already begun tonight.  Basically inflammation of the liver. 
This is found tgrough high liver enzymes in my blood tests. They were slightly high a week ago, but much higher today. It causes the nausea, vomiting, extreme fatigue and overall not feeling good.  I’m sick of not feeling good, so I can’t pretend to feel anything good about this, other than we are glad to know what has been causing me to feel so sick. I am reminded how cancer robs us of LIVING fully as I’ve just been laying in bed so much of the last 10 days. 

I’m only aloud 56 days, which I’m not sure how they count exactly, to go without treatment and still be part of this extremely important trial for me. My clinical trial nurse is like my little angel friend that goes before me and makes sure I am well taken care of. 
She counted and eased my nerves saying we have until January 1st to get a treatment done. I’d sure like to get it done where it doesn’t mess up our Christmas trip to Colorado with my family. Please pray for this. Also, pray my liver has responded really really well to the steroids when I go back in on Friday to retest. 
And lastly, pray that my body can go back on this trial and handle it ok. It was working and boy do we believe God planted this trial in my lap as a life-giving treatment. 

Satan would like to discourage us and make us feel afraid, but God is greater than Satan. God is greater than illness like auto-immune Hepatitis. He is greater than cancer. Sometimes our faith is fully a choice when things look bleak, but we just need a mustard seed of faith! 
Thank you for going to battle with us in persistent and Jesus-empowered prayer! 

This is more than I’ve been in my phone in days, so I’m wiped out and must go, but our family genuinely appreciates everyone who stands with us in this journey. ✝️💜 Thank you. 


  1. Sometimes our faith is fully a choice when things look bleak, but we just need a mustard seed of faith! -- God bless you richly for your faith in Him! Again, your testimony continues to be a mighty reflection of the God you/we worship... Love to you and the entire family... Sue Beck and Family