Thursday, December 20, 2018

Sometimes life just gets tough; gotta kick Satan out

Last Tuesday Billy & I went to Fayetteville and had blood drawn and a check up again to make sure the high dose prednisone is doing its work on my inflamed liver. They called it auto-immune hepatitis, which is liver inflammation, but it’s all temporary caused by the trial meds only. We were a bit deflated last week when they said my liver enzymes were so high (over 8 x normal levels) that I cannot continue on the Yervoy medicine any longer. Dr B said that With melanoma patients they only give 4 rounds of Yervoy and then continue on with the Opdivo med. PTL they verified I had 4 rounds so got in a good amount to gain momentum and continue with Opdivo on 12/31 if I’m healthy. I believe I will be if i can avoid all viruses spiraling around. Yesterday, I had blood drawn again and they said my liver enzymes were at the high end of normal again so I am weening down on my steroid medications. This date of 12/31 is my 1 day window to accomplish treatment because I will have gone too long without treatment according to the trial requirements. I cannot do it before because I have to ween off prednisone first. PLEASE PRAY that everything will go smoothly to be healthy on 12/31 and over our Christmas together with my family. We are gathering in a new location in Colorado, so we still get our Colorado white Christmas, but a little different than in Meeker as our precious mom would have hosted. A hard first Christmas without Mom, but looking forward to this time together with Dad, siblings and our families. 

Last Tuesday when we left Fayetteville still processing my appointment, Billy’s dad called and said his mom was very ill and had an ultra sound. They believe they saw cancer in her liver that appeared as metastatic, coming from elsewhere. She was dehydrated and malnourished. My father-in-law got her to the hospital to be admitted Tuesday night for fluids and anti-nausea meds. We got Billy packed and he left for Oklahoma. Slept 2 hours in his truck that night as they didn’t want to keave her, she was so miserable. Wednesday proved to be a bit better and she ate and drank a little bit. Thursday she had a biopsy and an MRI, but slept all day, so miserable. Shortly after midnight on Friday her heart stopped and she went to be with Jesus before we even got a diagnosis. 💔 We are heart broken to have lost both of our moms in 6 months time. We had several days with Billy’s side of the family, planning, crying and reconnecting as we honored my mother-in-law’s life. 

When life gets so hard, I’m so grateful to know that I don’t rely on my strength. We are sheltered by the Master, carried by the Savior and led to a place of peace by the Holy Spirit. 🙏🏻❤️✝️

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