Monday, November 29, 2010

Today's Appointment

Today I met with my Gynecologist, the one who found and removed the lesion three weeks ago.  I wanted to meet with him as an unbiased advisor now that we have the full results of this cancer.   Although he acknowledged that he isn't as close to this field as he used to be he gave me some very good questions to ask the radiology and medical oncologists.  My questions will stem from his opinions below.
  • He believes they shouldn't begin radiation or chemo until my surgery has healed and that will take 3 more weeks in his mind.  (My oncologist had said we should start the first week of December)
  • He said if this were his wife he would certainly get an second opinion because this type of cancer is so rare, and he believes I should start with seeing another gynecology oncologist.  (He said he'd go to MD Anderson because they've been doing gynecology oncology the longest [along with NY], but that he would trust my oncologist to know the most recent information.  My oncologist said to go to UAMS in Little Rock or OU Cancer Treatment Center in Oklahoma City.)
  • He believes I should not take birth control as glandular cancer is a hormonal cancer.  (My oncologist said better to stay on than risk pregnancy)
  • He thinks chemo with radiation is the best treatment for success because chemo will get any wayward cancer cells that might not have been actively multiplying DNA at the time of the PET scan.  He also said that success rates increased 25-30% with patients when they began doing chemo and radiation together.  (This was my oncologist recommendation.)
  • He also said that after everyone's opinion it often comes down to our intuition on what we believe sounds the best for us and our situation. 
So again, not a lot of certain answers but many more questions.  I still felt good about going and getting his opinion.


  1. My heart was so heavy for you today, and i prayed constantly around 2:00 that the doctor would give you some direction. It was so good to hear your voice, but the reason for the call is still hard to believe. LIke Amy said, I can't imagine what you are feeling and thinking through all this. But I know you and I know how strong you are. I've always thought that about you.

    God is right there with you as you walk through this, and friends and family, me included, will be as well. You are loved.

  2. Kristi

    You are very strong to share your story with others, I will keep you and your family in my prayers

    Friend from the past
    Vicky Goodman ( Simmons)

  3. My dear pains me to think that you are going through this. I know what Billy is going through as well and I wish that it wasn't you guys. As you probably know, my wife Traci was diagnosed about 4 weeks ago with stage 3 breast cancer. We are at the beginning of the treatment process and she will start her 2nd chemo treatment this Friday.
    The one thing that gives us hope and assurance each and every day is the amount of people praying for us. It is such a blessing to go to our blog and read the amount of prayers and encouraging words. I can't offer much Kristi, but you can count on family will pray for you and your family. Daily!!!!
    I love how you stated this as a journey, because Traci and I have started on this same journey. Never forget who is your tour guide....The Great I am....The Redeemer.....The Strongtower....The Deliverer.....The One who will NEVER fail you.
    Love you so much friend!!!! Brian

  4. This song comes to mind right now....I hope you can find rest in HIM! I love you. I picture our Jesus carrying you now and all of your burdens.

    "Word of God Speak
    Pour down like rain
    Washing my eyes to see
    Your Majesty
    To be still and know
    That you're in this place
    Word of God Speak"
    ~Mercy Me

  5. I knew and loved Kristi, the baby . . . the child. And now I see Kristi, the woman of God. What a beautiful woman you have become, and I am so proud of you! Your choice to trust your Creator is a blessing. You have high highs and low lows ahead. On the days when you might not have the strength to hang on to God, know that He will hold you in the palm of His hand - sheltered and secure. We will be praying for God to give you exactly what you, Billy, and the kids need for each day. God's mercies are, indeed, new every morning. Love you! Mindy

  6. Kristi, I just want to let you know that I just found out about this, and it is going to be OK. Chemo and radiation are not fun, but you can do this. My kids were 8 and 10 when I was sick, and I worried about whether I would be here to see them raised. Guess what!?!? I am still here, they are teenagers and the hate me! LOL You will get through this too. Your prognosis sounds very positive. YOU CAN DO THIS. There is a reason for you to be going through this, maybe it is so that later you can be an encouragement to someone else. This too shall pass!
    Love you, Kim

  7. I want you to see through my eyes. There are large green pinyons on the sloping hillside and two does walking up the deer trail. They turn and look at me. Snow is spread in patches on the ground. The weather is cool. This is tranquility. Enjoy this day which God has given to each of us. May He who holds this universe together give you sweet peace that passeth all understanding. God provides for the sparrows and the deer. HE cares for you so much more and will take good care of you. Love Mom

  8. Thank you so much for all of your comments, your encouragment, your concern. I so appreciate hearing from all of you.