Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Best Day I've had

Its been 18 days without chemo and 13 days without radiation and today was by far the best day I've had in a very long time. Physically some energy is coming back and today that lasted into the evening.  My mind is clearer allowing me to work more.  My pain is becoming less and less, which is helpful in more ways than you know.  I am getting headaches in the late evening and waking up with horrible headaches in the morning for some reason.  My strength is a far cry from where it should be; its noticeable most when I pick up my little 16 month old nephew and I can feel my legs weaken beneath me.  Overall though, I'm feeling so much better.  Thank you to so many of you who have reached out to see how I'm doing. 

I did receive a call from the doctor saying that my MRI showed there is still cancer, but it has shrunk.  The actual mass that was seen previously is gone, but the vaginal wall shows what they are calling an "enhanced ridge" which means there are still abnormalities in the tissue and glands and the wall is thicker than it should be.  Because of this the rad-onc does not believe I am a candidate for the cylinder internal radiation.  I'll have to do the interstitial brachy therapy.  However, they are still presenting my case to the tumor board tomorrow and will discuss how many days the procedure will take and if I can have my ovaries removed at the same time I'm under anesthetic for them to put the needles in. They'll also choose a date for the week of the 14th or the 21st.  I've asked them for next week if their schedules will allow it.  I assume I'll know more details on Friday morning. 

Good night all....


  1. It makes me SO happy to know you had a good day. I'm hoping you keep feeling better and better every day!

  2. Glad you're starting to feel stronger. Praying that you can rest in God's loving care while you wait. None of this is taking our BIG God by surprise. He has you safely in the palm of His hand. Asking for the 14th with you.

  3. I'm glad you're feeling better, and hoping that your strength will return in force soon. And that they'll terminate that last bit of cancer!
    Amy D. J.