Saturday, March 26, 2011

Update on Prayer Requst

Update -- Sunday 1:00am
As of now we do know that her hemoglobin is up to a 9
Urine culture and blood culture will come back in two days to show if there is an infection in the blood or bladder but no UTI's or other infections that would be indicated in these two tests. 
There seem to be no visual signs of fistulas (holes between rectal and vaginal walls) or abscesses.
Her white blood cell count has improved well enough that they don't believe they need to keep her there for monitoring while she fights off an infection.
Her Temperature is at a 99.9 so it's not increasing
They are waiting to do chest x-rays (my assumption is that they are looking for pneumonia)
After the chest x-ray she will be allowed to go home to rest. 

Thank you for praying and continuing to pray for her. Please continue praying that there is no infection from the internal radiation. I can't say that I feel confident they've ruled that out. Obviously her body is fighting off something to have a temperature and she continues to feel very weak - which could still be from low hemoglobin numbers.  We are all grateful that as the local doctor put it - there are no visual signs of the more serious things. However these doctors are not at all familiar with Kristi's most recent treatment of interstitial Brachy radiation so that leaves us with some discomfort but continuing to walk by faith and trust God in All things at All times. 

Thanks again for your prayers and we will continue to keep you posted,  
In the Grip of His Grace and Mercy,  Amy

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  1. Just wanted to add in here that her chest x-rays were clear too. So no real answers on why she has a fever but grateful they ruled out anything serious. Amy