Monday, November 21, 2011

An Unexpected Turn

Not more than two hours after I posted my last journal entry my phone rang with the familiar OU Cancer Institute 405 number.  I answered quickly and heard my Gyn-Onc say that my last pap test came back showing abnormal glandular cells.  What?  I couldn't believe she was telling me this because my letter in the mail the week before said everything came back fine.  I asked her to clarify and cell phone died!  My mind whirling, I ran to find my charger and Billy and I stood and watched the slow moving bar creep across the screen to reboot my phone.  By the time it came up I had two voice mails from the doctor and I couldn't call her back  because the office was closed.

Her voicemail said that because of my history and the fact that I had a glandular cancer I needed to come in and have a culposcopy.  This really knocked Billy and I off our feat that night and thankfully we were surrounded by an amazing community group that did a great job listening and encouraging us to face the next step of this journey.  I did not want to tell anyone, but especially my family.  I was so worried it would knock them off their feet as well, but they were really positive too!

I faced my next Scan on Nov 15th as planned and thanks to lots of prayer the blood draw and the I.V went in the very first time.Although my kidney function was a little low they were able to perform both scans.  I came out of my scans to find my husband, parents, sister and nephew holding beautiful purple signs with words like "faith" and "endurance" written on them.  Next we met my brother and they treated me to breakfast out. My family never ceases to amaze me; they can make me feel special always!  I'll share what else they did for me on the 15th soon as well.  AMAZING!

Yesterday was my culposcopy date.  While getting ready at the hotel a song came to mind as usual, but it wasn't the song I wanted.  A few days ago the song, "One day at a time Sweet Jesus" was in my mind, but this day an encouraging song wouldn't come.  I kept singing the song "When I die Young, lay me in the river".   I knew this was Satan; Satan would know God always gives me a good song so I know he's there.  As I checked in at the OU Hospital to have my culposcopy I was not wanting to do yet another procedure. Everyone was so kind and tried very hard to keep me comfortable and Billy thought it was way too routine for our age.  My IV took a couple tries and really hurt, but I kept thinking "My suffering is so much less than your Jesus".

 The doctor did the procedure and got biopsies where the cancer was before, inside and outside of the cervix and scraped the inside of the uterus. Initial reads on last week's scan were good.  The "hot" spots around where my ovaries where were less "hot" indicating that it was not cancer, but most likely just inflammation remaining from treatment.  The doctor will give me her thoughts on the scan when she calls with the biopsy results next week.  I'm looking forward to this call so we can move forward with our life.

I am feeling pretty good today and I'm so thankful as I really didn't want to backslide too much with another surgery.  I'm happily at my sister's house in Texas for Thanksgiving and will update you when I know more next week! 

Thank you so much for everyone's prayers and good wishes! Our week took an unexpected turn, but we are grateful for good doctors and great friends and family!   We have much to be thankful for!

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