Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Time to attempt flying.....

Good morning friends. I am leaving for Houston today and would appreciate prayers for my family while I'm gone. There are a lot of schedules to juggle and a lot of germs to try and avoid, so I'm praying all goes smoothly as I won't be back until Friday night.

I'm getting picked up by one of my new "survivor " friends to stay at her house and attend a Cervical Cancer Summit tomorrow. I get to join in because there will be a breakout session for women who have had a Total Pelvic Exenteration. I am really looking forward to this discussion and pray I will be an encouragement to someone that needs it. I know I will be encouraged. I also get to support the Cervical cancer fight and wear my Teal tomorrow! I might find a little purple to go with it! My friends sent me this image of my purple cancer color in a sea of cervical cancer teal! It is so great to know some ladies that have been through this and also live in Houston!
let me try that again!  lol  fb newbie!  here you go!

 Also, pray over my appointments on Thursday and Friday at MD Anderson. I am not having any screenings for cancer done. It is just a follow up to the surgery I had in December, plus with infectious disease regarding the antibiotic I've been on for 9 months. I'm not sure how they will know when I can come off of the medicine, but we will talk about it.

It's strange! I am traveling on my own to see an oncologist! Honestly, this has NEVER happened so it feels very weird! For 3 years I have had an amazing family that sacrificed their own lives and family schedules to be at every oncologist appointment. As I celebrate my 1 year anniversary since this surgery I am very reflective on the entire experience, but mostly the help I have required. and received. I am so grateful that there are not the right words to express it. Obviously, I did have offers to come with me, but now it is time for this little bird attempt flying on her own! Here I go.......

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