Friday, January 31, 2014

A Love Showering ~ 1 Year Anniversary

Today I celebrate my 2nd birthday! The day I became Cancer Free! I also celebrate my daughters birthday, as she turns 8 on this same day. Last year Billy & I missed her turning 7 so that we could be in Houston. I could focus on all the ...hardships that came with that day and the past year, but I don't want today to be about pain, financial hardship, fear and perseverance. Instead, I want to honor the hundreds of people that made sure my daughter's 7th birthday was a beautiful celebration of her life. I want to honor the people that loved on my family and I.
People don't like to brag on themselves, so if you know someone who did something, gave something, said something, mailed something......anything at all that stood out to you on this day or in the last year please comment on this page or on my blog. Not only do I want to honor all of you who have poured into our lives in every single way, but I also want to remember the details of this "love shower". I remember very little of this day last year, except that I sang Happy Birthday to my sweet girl and went to sleep. Please share your memories...

P.S. No need to reply on my singing...or appearance...I'm being vulnerable here! :)

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