Thursday, May 7, 2015

Treatment Has Begun

Sorry for a late post, but I was so busy "living life" before I might now feel well! 

I had a pre-op appointment on Monday, then surgery to have my port put in on Tuesday.  The surgery went smoothly outside of getting behind on my pain meds and having some nausea post anesthetic. 

Wednesday I had a long day at HOG.  We met with Dr Beck, who we've chosen as our local medical oncologist, did the blood draw and then started chemo. 

I was only able to get 2 of the 3 medicines yesterday because my insurance has not approved the Avastin yet.  They are trying different methods to get it approved or paid for by the pharmaceutical company so that I can start it next week.  It is an approved drug for many kinds of cancer like colon and cervical, but not for my particular kind of cancer yet as its so rare. We are hopeful this will be taken care of soon.

I actually felt pretty good last night, but nausea and some physical weakness has kicked in today.  Its not too bad because I have 2 sick kids at home and have been taking care of them, cleaned the kitchen and even did a light mopping of the tile.  I'm worn out now and ready to lay down.  :)  I told Billy it gets worse from here I'm sure, so I can't go down yet!  He was not happy I was mopping!

Please pray for minimal side effects.  For lots of energy for Billy and my parents and siblings.  Pray for the cancer to shrink away rapidly and permanently. 

Pray that our insurance will cover a huge portion of the expenses. 

Also....that my kids would get better soon! Isaiah woke up with Staph in two places Monday and Alyssa woke up with strep throat on Tuesday!  Its been quite a week, but we've survived! 

On a happy note, we got family pictures taken on Monday night by Love in Focus and our sneak peak is ready!  See them here!

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