Thursday, August 20, 2015

2015 ~ Chemo Treatment #12 is Complete!

Treatment #12 is in the books!!!

I began this weekly treatment on May 6th and have had to miss 4 treatments, but we are getting closer.  I will do 6 more treatments and then return to MD Anderson to have scans once again.

Please pray that I can feel pretty good on my lighter "taxol only" weeks.  Last week I was in bed about a day and a half, but didn't feel very good for about 3 1/2 days. It was good in comparison to my "BIG" treatment that comes every 3 weeks.  I'm so grateful I only have 2 more of those before we reassess.  The journey is feeling long, so please pray for my patience, my caregivers, my husband and children to all persevere in a big way! 

I so appreciate those of you who have brought hot meals, frozen meals, gift cards to restaurants and Visa cards to pay toward our rising medical debt. 

Several weeks back a family in our community group found us someone to come help in our home 2 hours a week and kicked off paying for the much needed help.  Others have given as well since this was added to my care calendar.  This has been a godsend as my energy is less and less as the treatment compiles and I fight for good blood counts. 

Thank you so much for your extreme generosity and non-ceasing encouragement and prayer!

Love - Kristi

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