Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kicking off our next rounds of treatment.

I awoke fully dreading the "feeling bad" part of treatment, but I know scripture specifically tells us not to be in dread....not to be terrified......not to tremble.....depending on your bible translation. I really like the version that uses the word "dread" because I tend to feel and relate to this emotion more than trembling or being terrified. I'm not afraid to step into what God has called me to, knowing he carries me through it. He proven it over and over.  However, I still dread the effects of the hard journey we trudge through together. 

The Lord my God, my mom and I checked in at 11:00 today, but didn't get started until around 12:30 because my bloodwork came back with low white blood cell counts again. My platelets, however, jumped from in the 70's to 250! My Medical Oncologist approved treatment today, though with slightly lower doses of both chemo drugs, leaving Avastin the same. I will have to go in the next 3 days and get a shot that will tell my bone marrow to produce white blood cells. They said this causes the large bones in the body to ache. Since the Avastin already makes my muscles ache I'm not looking forward to that, but it will allow me to continue treatment and for that I am grateful. 2nd Round - 1 punch down; 8 to go! I do not dread the finishing punch of this round so I can go to MDA for scans and I plan to be told there is no evidence of disease (NED), putting me in remission! 
Please God, may this be so! Help me to be strong and courageous between now and then! Amen. 

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