Thursday, March 24, 2016

Morning's New Dawn

Washed away is a day,
it's here and then gone.
Be blessed to awake to morning's new dawn.
The thief of time will have its way,
sneaking quietly by; we don't have a say.

Another day, another hour, another minute devoured.
Time's tick is unseen, unheard;
like the steps of a coward.

Protect today's gift,
lock it away safe and sound.
Don't waste away moments that cannot be refound.

Time welcomes us here and opens one door;
We can't see very far and aren't sure there's more.

Walk through it in faith and fix your eyes up above,
Move forward, with passion, share blessings and love.

By Kristina "Dawn" Wright


  1. This is beautiful, Kristi, and so true. As I read it, it felt like a song. I hope you write more. Love you, Sweets! xoxox

  2. Thank you. It's just my thoughts of this morning. I sure don't have any real experience or training writing poems! ��

  3. That's beautifully done, Kristi.