Thursday, June 30, 2016

Trial update

When it's a BIG BIG DAY and your phone shows the doctor is calling an hour before your is nerve racking! 

Thank goodness they still plan to sign me today for the clinical trial, but they won't be ready until this afternoon around 2:15 now. Luckily they caught me before I ate something as she said I need to be fasting! (Good to know!) 

....and now they called again to say it will actually be 3:00 before they can see me and to eat something light right now and then start fasting! Okay, breakfast sounds good! 

This is the life of cancer treatment and I'm sure any long term medical condition. Our life and schedule once again becomes dictated by the doctors and facility schedules. 
My sister's friend is all ready to watch Katy & I's three little kids and the kids are looking forward to it. My sister planned her morning to go with me. And now, I impact their lives as well with one little phone call. Plus, we were leaving town at 2:30 today to drive to Colorado and pick up our son from camp in Estes park. He needs picked up by 6 pm tomorrow night. What a quick reminder of what is to come. What life is like on treatment.  
I'm thankful to have a treatment, but honestly dread the interruption to life again. May my eyes be open to see what God is teaching me through this lack of control once again. 

Thank God with us that the trial is still happening! Pray that they will really be ready to sign me at 3:00 so we can still easily get to camp and pick up our son on time! Pray that all testing and pre-req goes smooth and that ultimately God will allow this trial to give me more active life with my friends and family! 

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  1. As are an inspiration to us all...because of your reliance on God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Prayers are with you! Love Sue and Family!