Saturday, January 22, 2011

Care Calendar Thanks

There are times in one's life that make you question if you do a good job loving others.  In church last week we studied John 15.  A couple things really stood out to me.

1)  The world "believe" is mentioned in the book of John 88 times.    That is a lot for one book and it made me ask myself if I really believe as I should? 

2) Verse 12 is the commandment that says we should love others as Christ loves us.  I wonder if I do this as well as I should and I'm blown away by how others unexpectedly love us in this way. 

This brings me to the Care Calendar that my sister Danina set up and many of you locally have already received in an e-mail from my sister Amy.  What a humbling shower of love to see so many sign up in the first few hours to help right away.  We had an amazing dinner brought over the very first night the calendar was published!

I have posted the link and the ID/Code to the right of this blog for your convenience and I want to say thank you.  Thanks you for loving my family and I the way you've been called to in Matthew 15:12 and thank you for strengthening my belief as I experience your kindness.
ID 62990
CODE 1273

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