Friday, January 21, 2011

First Day of Chemo

Hi all this is Billy!  Today was a really long and hard day!  Kristi started her Chemo treatment today around 1:30 and we left around 6:00.  Kristi had a severe pain reaction when they gave her diuretics called lassic and Chemo.  A few minutes after those two things were going into her body she had severe pain in her lower back around the kidney area.  I went to get the nurse and told her what was going on and she ran to Kristi, and suddenly there were over five nurses doing different things.  It was a tense moment and I felt so hopeless for her.  Her vitals were really high for her and they quickly gave her Benadryl and Morphine.  They put something else through her I.V. to reverse the effects of the chemotherapy. A few minutes later her pain went away and her vitals stabilized to a more normal level.  They were not sure which one of the drugs caused it but they seemed to lean towards the diuretics. Everything settled down around an hour later so they slowly moved forward with her treatment.  Kristi is really tired and worn out but she seems to be fine.  Please pray for Gods protection and direction as we continue down this hard road.  I am thankful that God protected her today and that the reaction went away.  I know that all I could do was pray today for her, just as many of you did!  I know that this journey has really hit me more this week as we are continuing to move forward with all of this!  It is really hard when you see your soul mate have to do something like this and I wish I could be the one doing it.  My words cannot express my gratitude to those who are supporting us and going down this journey with us.  I am very humbled and thankful for everything that people are doing to love on us during this time.



  1. The Lenderinks (including one dog with a collar) are sporting purple today. Sorry Kristi had a tough go of it. Glad she is home resting.

  2. Billy,
    We are super bummed to hear of Kristi's reaction to the initial chemo. We are praying for both of you daily! Please let us know if we can do anything to help! Give Kristi hugs for us!