Monday, January 28, 2013

Arrived in Houston

Kristi and  Dad (George) arrived in Houston last night and started the day with God showing up at her first appointment.  The woman doing her EKG told her that God had healed her from a serious back problem.  She had been bedridden for months.  She then proceeded to share her story and communicated that during those months she saturated her mind with God's word, confessed sins, prayed and forgave others.  She then went on to make sure that Kristi was a believer and knew Jesus as her Savior.  When Kristi said she was, she told her to believe and keep claiming the Word of God over her body and to tell God that her body belonged to Him.   Why should we be surprised that God would make himself known to Kristi as she anxiously arrived at the first pre-op appointment of a very long day?  He is so personal and never leaves us!!    Kristi will end her day this evening with scans.  She has solid appointments the next three days with surgery scheduled for Thursday.   Amy will update this blog tonight or tomorrow with new information.

Please continue to pray for Isaiah and Alyssa.  The parting between them and Kristi yesterday morning was rough.  They are very fearful and tearful.  Kristi's greatest concern is for them.  In fact, they, along with Billy,  are the reason she is willing to move forward through this life altering surgery.  Billy will travel to Houston on Wednesday.  Pray for Billy and the kids on that day as they separate from each other.  We are so grateful for Leona, Billy's Mom, as she has stepped in to care for the kids, along with some help from Katy, Josh, and Kristi and Billy's friends.  Their community group and pastor's involvement and prayers have served as encouragement as well.

Thank you to many of you who have helped each of our family members with travel and expenses.  You have been used by God to provide for us and them, and we have needed it with missing work and travel and housing expenses.   I personally have gained a whole new understanding of life with a chronic illness or cancer.  For those still wondering how you can personally help the Wrights with their home or medical expenses, a sweet friend and prayer warrior of Kristi's set up a link for her blog.  It is on the right side, under the pictures.  It says Go Fund Me.  The money will go directly to Billy and Kristi's bank account.  It has been researched and is a secure site to give money on.

Looking forward to seeing how God continues to show Himself this week!   Danina

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