Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Waiting is the Hardest Work of Hope" Lewis Smedes

Here is some of what has been happening as we wait!   Kristi, this is for you!  

 Worley found a peaceful place outside to maybe work on Sunday's Sermon. 
He said it was too hard to concentrate, but we enjoyed getting some fresh air and sunshine.  We made new friends.  Go meet Julie and her family! 

 Enjoyed a visit from friends and cancer survivor (Traci) from Arkansas.... The Davis'
 Lots of Praying for the Dr.'s and Kristi
 We decided to give blood.  Dad and I passed the interview and qualified, but Amy's iron was too low so she took pictures.
 I thought....I'm doing great!  This is a good thing to do while Kristi is in surgery and needing blood! 
 Then...I was just talking and about to get up and I told Amy, "You better get me something to 
drink or go get the nurse because I'm about to faint!"  They quickly put ice packs on me and I survived! I may not give this much blood again anytime soon!   Dad did much better and said, "I usually feel better when I give blood"!  He was bragging! 
 A surprise visit from Rev. RJ Heijmen from St. Martin's Episcopal Church.  
He was so kind and came to pray with and for us.   A woman
from Billy and Kristi's church in Arkansas knew him and contacted him on facebook about Kristi. 

Lots of phone action to update people! 


  1. Love those pictures! Wish I was with you. Nina, take it easy on that blood giving thing . . . :)

  2. Kristi will appreciate seeing a glimpse of what went on while she was in surgery! Thanks for posting all the updates!