Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pre-op completed.

Another long day is about to come to a close here at MD Anderson. These days are exhausting and a roller coaster ride of emotions as you travel from one appt to the next. The PET scan that was done on Monday showed cancer only in the same region as it has always been and is still very tiny in size. The radiologist, dr Jingren,  feels confident the cancer has not spread else where and even suggested to the oncologist, dr Levenbak, to not do the specialized CT scan today to determine if it's in the pelvic wall. However they did go ahead and do the scan this afternoon and at this point we do not have those results. As mentioned earlier they are bringing in an orthopedic surgeon into the mix of doctors in case it is in the pelvic wall. This has created much debate about where and how to do the incision.

Current prayer requests are:
1. That these doctors would all be in unity about their decisions and what the best treatment plan is for Kristi. There has been lots of opinions today by each of the doctors.
2. That we know with confidence that there is no cancer in the pelvic wall. If there is this adds many other steps to the surgery procedure such as taking muscle from her inner thighs.
3. For Kristi tonight as she has to drink her gallon of torture to prepare her for surgery, she is dreading having to do this again.

We will begin tomorrow at 5:30, and will keep you updated as we know more.

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