Friday, April 5, 2013

Meet Dr. Levenback

You have heard his name over and over.  You have prayed for him.  Now, you can meet him.  Yesterday, when we told him we wanted to get a picture of him with Kristi, he moved over to her and hugged her!  He told her that she had been through so much and that he was so proud of her.  He said, "You inspire me!"  Kristi was emotional and said, "You have given me life."  Dr. L. smiled and said,  "Not me, I'm just a man trying to make it through one day to the next just like you."  As Amy and I were watching this interaction through our own tears, I spoke up and said, "God has used you to provide opportunity for life" and he said,  "I'll take that!"

Kristi had three procedures in about 3 hours yesterday.  This is a miracle in and of itself because Kristi and her care takers have been known to wait that long just to get through one appointment. We had some of you praying that we could get both the pic line and the drain removed yesterday instead of having to wait until Monday for the drain.  We have to wait 48 hours after their removal before returning home, and Kristi is anxious to get home to Billy and her kids!

We went from the 6th floor in seeing Dr. Levenback, to the 8th floor to have the pic line removed.  Even though Kristi was incredibly uncomfortable, we enjoying getting some sunshine on their outdoor terrace waiting area.  They have worked to make this place have beauty amidst so many enduring suffering.

This was followed by answered prayer and moving quickly to the 4th floor to outpatient radiology to have her drain tube removed.  Some of these procedures were physically painful and some of this process was emotionally painful.   We each remembered what we had read in Jesus Calling that morning as we went through the day.   We had not read it yet, when a friend from Pampa texted and said she had prayed it with Kristi's name in it for the day.  I told Kristi and read it to her and Kristi said, "That's perfet because I was laying in bed worrying about getting through this day".

It said......"Though you are an earthen vessel, I designed you to be filled with heavenly contents.  Your weakness is not a deterrent to being filled with MY Spirit; on the contrary, it provides an opportunity for My Power to shine forth more brightly.  As you go through this day, trust Me to provide the strength that you need moment by moment.  Don't waste energy wondering whether YOU are adequate for today's journey.  My Spirit within you is more than sufficent to handle whatever this day may bring."  

Kristi needed this yesterday!  We needed this promise also as we walked through the procedures with her, as we grieved some of the losses with her, and as we celebrated some of the baby steps we keep observing everyday toward independence and health.   In fact,  we had to take a picture of this "real food" she was eating and actually had an appetite and enjoyed it!  We have found on this journey that we have learned to  celebrate many things that previously we all took for granted everyday!
Pasta, Mashed Potatoes and Fruit Sounded Good!  Yippee!! : )

Thank God today for the small things in your life.  Those things that just seem normal..................Danina, Amy and Kristina


  1. Kristi and the family continue to be a source of amazement on the power of God in our lives. What continued powerful testimonies this experience is providing. One time, not long ago, both Beth and I worked at St. Anthony's Hospital and always had an affinity/care for the patients that passed thru its doors. It is a beautiful facility. So grateful that you have that experience with the people and hospital you have been involved with on this journey. Both Beth and I would like to think that some days we made a positive difference in the lives of people facing difficult circumstances. I thank God we had that opportunity.

    With love,
    Sue (JJ's Mom)

  2. It makes my heart joyful that you three girls are there together and making life better for Kristi. My life is better too with Dad here. I have been watching this relationship grow with our Dr.L and Kristi and the family. It's hard to have a relationship with a Dr these days and it is especially a blessing to get to feel close to Dr L in this huge hospital. We are all grateful that God guided us straight to him and the other Dr's he works with. We have had a good experience at MD Anderson and the Mays Clinic even though through a very tough time of life. We have friends going there now and we pray the best for them.