Thursday, December 12, 2013

Headed Home!

Kristi and our Parents are on their way home from Houston. It will take a few days. I can't say how relieved I am to know that they are coming home. I was hoping that she would stay there for a week after surgery but definitely ready to see all three of them. The emotional side of this trip took me by surprise. I knew that I hated for her to go and endure all of that again but the fear/sadness that crept back in I actually had to focus on shutting that down. I flew into Houston for a trip to CA in September and I started crying as we landed, unexpectedly of course! I think that there is so much wrapped up into Houston/MD Anderson and the emotions that go with it that it will always be a hard place for my family. I was nervous for Mom, Dad and Billy to return there with her because I cried just landing there! There will always be this love/hate relationship because on one hand Houston represents sadness, fear, grief, tests and surgeries, disappointments, survival....I could go on and on. But on the other hand it represents LIFE! It represents a chance at life and surviving Cancer and also has great doctors and a wonderful hospital that took such good care of her. And continues to do so! We walked away from there and all the hardship that went along with it WITH our loved one!! We took her home! Not everyone gets to leave that place with the one they love and that was VERY apparent visiting there. Thankful for the outcome of this surgery and that she may have pain free days (hopefully several in a row or maybe not any...!) and grateful that she is feeling better than a few days ago. To God be the Glory.

They are about 4 hours from home tonight and just stopped at a Hotel.  Kristi slept on the drive and said she has been having a little upper abdominal pain but improving. That her energy is still low and cannot wait to get home! Mom told me that she has had little outings but gets worn out easily and needs to rest or nap. It's important for her to walk as well. Thank you for your continued support and prayer, Katy.

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