Thursday, December 5, 2013

Surgery Day

Good morning friends!  Mom, Dad & I are in Houston once again.  We've had two days of pre-op appointments, CT scans and bloodwork.  I even got to spend a few hours with new survivor friends.  What an encouragement it is to see these ladies years out from their surgery and living life well!

We are currently waiting to be called back to the operating rooms. We checked in at 10:00, but surgery isn't until around 12:30.  I'm hungry!
Today's surgery will be a bit "exploratory" as they will not know everything they will need to do until they've done an exam.  It is believed to be an out-patient surgery so I will get to go back to the hotel to recover.
I came down here with dread, but am feeling very hopeful that they can get rid of the ongoing pain I've had.  I'm actually a bit excited about that part!

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