Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Post surgery update - Day 12

I am doing pretty well today. My pain is under control and energy is coming back...slowly! I've had so many of you texting and sending messages to check on me. Thank you so much for caring...and taking the time. Especially during the very busy holiday craze! I am still on partial bed rest because of the stint I am wearing to ensure proper healing this time. It is aggravating! So much easier to do nothing when I am not at home with everything that needs done all around me! My parents are still here and came to do tons of dishes and fix a beautiful dinner last night. Billy has been a real chef (which he loves being) and we have enjoyed eating whatever he comes up with as well. Tonight I get to go to my sister, Amy's, house have a little family Christmas party before we all go our separate ways for the holiday. Her house is so warm and full of Christmas cheer everywhere you turn! I got a sneak peak when we stopped in on our drive home from Houston last Friday.
I took advantage of a few hours up and about on Saturday while attending my son's basketball games, which he won! On Sunday my break was going to church where they had an amazing Christmas Choir program. My favorite was Seth Primm singing Hallelujah Christmas version......gave me chills. I posted a link to the song by someone else below. Still very good!

For the 3rd year in a row I got to take pictures with the majority of my "childhood" family in front of the beautiful trees at church. Its crazy they have all really sacrificed because of 3 Christmas seasons dealing with Cancer, cancer, cancer. This will be the last year, because now I'm cancer free!


....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pQVRyPGTEc (Hallelujah song)

My own family, back together again!
Makes my heart glad!

My "childhood" family, minus the eldest sister, Danina.
I miss you Nina!


  1. Hi Kristi, is the PO Box mailing address still valid? Thanks!

  2. Yes, the address is still valid. Thanks!