Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Best day yet!

Just when I began to think I would not recover, gaining strength or energy to do even the mundane tasks of life (dishes, laundry, showering, driving) I went in to get fluids and had some labs done. We found out that some of my symptoms, which I thought were from my chemo, was actually a bad infection in my "special built" urinary tract somewhere. They didn't really say where, but that my analysis looked terrible. It's crazy that I had no fever or something that would alert me except I felt aweful. Sounds crazy for those without an ostomy, but I have zero feeling/sensation like I would have normally.  I'm 2 days on antibiotics and having the best day I've had in two weeks!  I am plagued with some lightheaded/dizzy feeling and tire easier than normal, but I did some mundane chores and really enjoyed it! It's the small things that keep my heart hopeful for more good days! 

Today, I wish it weren't time, but I go for my 6th chemo treatment. It's a Taxol only day and I will get fluids before the weekend in hopes that this is a good week end with the family. Please join us in prayer for this. Also, pray for Billy as he's home sick today which is a complete rarity. He goes to work no matter what, but he was so sick last night and this morning. I kind of think it's some food he ate last night, but we aren't sure so he's quarrantined away from me! 

Thank you for your continued prayers and kindness. All your messages, texts and love encourages us to keep up the fight and stay hopeful! May you be blessed today. 

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