Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Chemo Day - Week 5

Today I still felt no energy and had no appetite. My platelets are low. I'm a bit anemic and my Potassium is a teeny bit low. These results were good on Monday when I went in for fluids with vitamins & minerals. 

They gave me some extra steroids for energy & appetite and even sleepy from the Benedryl I ate more today than I have in the last 5 days. I wiSh I got a picture with each visitor that came to bring me joy and gifts of food today! 

My long time friend, Jenny, brought me a goodie bag and a kids meal from Braums....just the way I crave it lately. We had such a great visit....long overdue. 💕

Kathy Rusch came bearing gifts of MiMi's Cafe muffins, lots of cheer and encouragement. 

Clay came with more watermelon, diced perfectly bite size for sweet hydration! 

And Kent came full of smiles, peace, fist pumps and care...just the way he is always for a friend. My husband stopped by, my adorable parents were there. I saw my friend, Lesley, while she was getting her chemo too. What a social day at the chemo room! 

And in honor of my sister's birthday I decided to pull myself together for the first time in a week. You gotta fake it 'til you make it! Happy Birthday Danina! I love and adore you! 

Tonight I'm feeling very low energy, but I'm home. We had a beautiful spaghetti dinner from Sara Schafer tonight! And yes, I even ate a cookie for dessert! Soon the phenegran will put me into a slumber in hopes to awake with more "life" in this body and controlled nausea (please Jesus)?!?!

Will you pray that tomorrow is a better day? A day where I can function around here and do mundane chores and errands? Will you pray that this medicine is battling the cancerous tumors and killing them off one by one.  A permanent death of this cancer is needed. 

Love you all. 

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