Thursday, June 18, 2015

So Blessed Yesterday!

I've been so congested this week with a cough and extra sinus headaches. I also ended my antibiotic for my infection and I could tell it was back again. Feeling terrible,  I was really dreading yesterday's big treatment with all 3 meds again. And honestly, with a low grade fever too I wasn't sure if they would let me do the treatment at all. My Medical Oncologist said I was good to go with another round of antibiotics. The  blood # they watch for my ability to fight off infection was a 1200 and they say I'm good at 500, so that's a praise too! 

My sister, Katy, was supposed to pick me up yesterday to drive me to treatment, but when I came out of my room I found a huge surprise! My sister from Texas, Danina, was in my house to take me!!! That just made my day! She gets to stay until next Tuesday and we had a nice time catching up yesterday! She vacuumed and did dishes and laundry! She brought me joy and gave my other siblings a much needed break to take care of their own families! 

This is the first BIG treatment that my Mom and Dad have missed so I wore my Colorado shirt to represent them! 
While Nina and I were waiting on the doctor, my nurse, who is also Nina 😉, brought in this amazing gift! I saw it and it was just perfect! Perfect timing and a perfect message! 

This idea comes from my old blog post, which is 
here if you haven't read it. Thank you to the Ford's entire family for being so intentional in your encouragement. It renewed me to get out of the corner and FIGHT! And it brought me lots of laughs and smiles! Everyone else got some smiles too while we took this picture in the lobby! 
Another song came to mind as well. It's by Toby Mac and I love that it says I'll shine again. I may be knocked down, but not out forever! Thank you for this reminder! 

On top of these surprises my dear friend Ingrid came by. Clay dropped by. And my sweet friend Allison came to spend her lunch break with me and brought me some awesome Entangled coloring books and pencils.  That's a great stress reliever! Thank you friends! 


I did really good with all this encouragement yesterday and am having a decent day today! Got pretty shaky and my nurse says that's fatigue and I need to lay here I am blogging on my phone from bed! The worst usually hits Friday and through the weekend so please be in prayer that the cancer is dieing rapidly and my body stays strong for the FIGHT! 

I am blessed. 


  1. In that picture with the gloves, your eyes and expression look so much like your mom. I loved it!

    I am so thankful for those who are bringing you encouragement! God is good! Be a good girl and rest! :)

    Love you.

    1. I am quite like my mama! And I didn't realize it yesterday, but the picture behind me is all Aspen trees in the Fall! My favorite! I'm taking a rest right now, after I hit send! 👍🏼