Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fluids and sweet conversation

Because my kidneys were hurting during chemo yesterday and I had symptoms of a UTI again afterwards, the doctor brought me back in for fluids today and tomorrow to try and flush the kidneys well. After 2 rounds of antibiotics that don't want to go that route again if they don't have to.
While in the lobby I met a sweet lady who has Crone's Disease and had a fistula (hole between rectum and vaginal wall). She's here to treat her Crone's and we had a nice visit and I got to share my story about my miracle in 2012 at MDA. Then I sat next to a man and he had been quietly reading his book but ask me a question and we began to talk and I learned his story of pancreatic cancer that has spread so he's stage 4 and has been given months to live. I was able to share my miracle story with him and talk about my faith. These sweet people need prayer and I'm so thankful for them as they both brightened my day today in their own way. I love when God makes divine appointments for me.

I was really tired yesterday and last night, but today I feel okay that way and no nausea. Alert due to the steroids I guess, but a bit of muscle weakness and some pain in my upper legs is settling in. I was winded coming up the stairs today for treatment and I just ran up them with the kids in Mexico. The poison me to make me better. Isn't that an odd thing. Praying they will find a forever cure for cancer today. So many people hurting because of this disease. And many diseases. I'm reminded of this as I visited with my new friend with Crone's and I think of friends with auto immune disease and MS AND ALS and chronic digestive illness.

Pray for those you know with chronic disease and pain today. as much as I need it, I know they do too.

Have a blessed day friends.

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