Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lord, I will wait for you to act.

Reading through various scriptures in Psalms tonight and I came across this one.


In these 15 words there are so many barriers that come to my mind.
BE STILL - It is incredibly hard to be still when you are in a life and death battle. A battle that not only impacts you, but families, churches, communities. You want to prepare your best weapons and plan your bravest attack. You must attend all battles personally, plus try to give appropriate and meaningful time to your family and/or friends. You find you are forced to be still, but only to rest your weary body and you have difficulty being still with intent on the Lords Presence. So, you listen to music and fall asleep. Read the bible and your mind wanders to the "what if scenarios" of hard battles ahead or unknown victories.
You speak to the Lord and find there is silence, or perhaps words of truth you don't want to hear. Perhaps those hard to hear words are that you must WAIT PATIENTLY & let the LORD ACT in HIS TIMING. Without your input. This means your armor is not needed because you will attend behind the LORD, protected by the Lord in this battle. He will be taking ACTION for you, leading you, protecting you, pacing your steps through the battleground to match His stride. No matter your busy research, preparation, training you are ill equipped in comparison. You are not the hero of this story, but the scared, impatiently busy character being saved by the hero, Lord God, again. And again. And again.

I look back at the battles we've fought and see victories, so I press harder behind the Lord keeping stride with him for more to come in His Presence.

Psalms 37:7a
~Kristina's learnings & thoughts only and not to be referenced as theoretical or philosophical truth.

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