Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A treatment free Wednesday at home!

Isn't it funny how God works things out? He knows what we need before we even ask. He's working on my behalf....on your behalf. He cares about the small things and the big things in our lives. I was reminded of this today in two ways. 

First, I tried to cancel my chemo treatment on the phone yesterday and although the nurse said yes and transferred me to scheduling, the scheduler told me I needed to come to my appointment and have the Dr. change it. I rather thought seeing the Dr. on a week without treatment would be a waste of time, but I showed up prepared to ask for a delay in treatment even though it was still on the schedule. It felt silly asking to skip life saving treatments so that I can feel good for a concert tomorrow night, but I did it anyway.  Funny thing is, as soon as I ask permission, my Dr. said he couldn't treat me anyway because my blood counts are too low; especially white blood counts and platlets, plus I'm quite anemic. So, I would've gotten today off whether I ask or not. This means next Wednesday, 8/5, I resume as long as my bloodwork improves. In the mean time, I will go sing some country tunes with my hubby and friends tomorrow night. A little Kenny Chesney entertainment can't hurt, right?!? 

Secondly, because I didn't have chemo today I was able to attend a women's night out with a friend. The subject of our "back porch chat" was prayer, which always brings discussion of God's character. How personal is God to free up my schedule for a reminder that He hears my prayers and your prayers. That He loves me. He loves you. That there are so many people who care, even when in their own season of very hard and tiring struggles. Words of encouragement, powerful prayers, testimonies of faith and sweet new friends all ribboned together by a God who is ever-present and wants to speak to us and carry our burdens. Carry my burden, even. 

Seems like the perfect encouragement and reminder of who God is before I begin this next 9 weeks of chemo. 

The words of a hymn come to mind. 
Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise Him all creatures here below.....

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