Monday, July 6, 2015

A Special Vacation Gave Me 2 Weeks Off Chemo!

I apologize that I haven't updated in almost two weeks and I've had so many sweet friends and family that have reached out to me to see if I'm okay. 
I am really good....finally.....after getting to skip two weeks between big treatments so that I could go on a great vacation all paid for by the kind people where Billy works, Central States Manufacturing.  The company did a fabulous benefit with a cook-out, basketball and soccer tournaments, a silent auction, a dunk tank and a baked goods sale all to raise funds for us to have an awesome family vacation in Cancun, Mexico.  Here are just a few pics of our time there.  I was still so weak when we left and had to sit down while my family found the room and came back for me, but each day I got stronger and stronger and it was just perfect for all of us.  By the end I ran down the stairs with the kids! On our trip home, Alyssa was holding my hand walking to our connecting flight, and she blurted out, "Our life is just perfect.  Everything is working out."  From the mouth of a babe, even in light of our current situation, the truth of that statement resonated deep. God continues to provide above and beyond what we deserve. He knows what we need before we ask and people heed His nudges daily to encourage us to press on. We are so grateful to everyone who made this trip possible and prayed for us as we were traveling and recovering.  May you be blessed in return.  Much love to you all.

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