Wednesday, September 23, 2015

GI Jane & Pink Boxing Gloves

I'm reminding myself that God loves me this morning.  I am tired of waking up on Wednesday mornings knowing that I will go face that dreadful chemo and my body will not like it and feel badly afterwards. 

It is probably worse because I've never fully recovered from last week's treatment, plus I'm getting to the end of these rounds and just want to go have my scans done and know if I get a break from treatment or not! 

I'll tell you a funny story about last night.  I put on my pink boxing gloves with my short & buzzed GI Jane hair showing and a hooded robe.  My family all thought I was crazy, but it lightened everyone's mood including my own.  Sometimes the whole family needs a boost to keep standing back up for the next round.

God - We need a knock-out for all and any active cancer again today.  May our opponent not be able to get back up this time.  May he (cancer & satan) be defeated in this round once and for all. 

Romans 5:5 says, “This hope will not lead to disappointment.  For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.”

Holy Spirit - May we go to battle with joy in my heart and a hope for victory over cancer that does not lead to disappointment. 

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