Wednesday, September 9, 2015

No Treatment Today....Perhaps a Crown Instead!

I wish I were missing this week's treatment for a royal crown. Though what would I do with a crown like the Queen of England would wear? I'm certain I'd sell it and put the value to better use.  Like paying for the white molded crown I need for my tooth that broke in half this week-end.  Thankfully I have not had pain since losing it, outside of the sharp edge that constantly rubs the inside of my cheek.  Its the first time since age 16 that I've wished for that wax you put over your braces!

Today I went to have blood drawn so that I can provide the results to my dentist tomorrow morning.  My oncologist said it is more important to go to the dentist this week because it could begin hurting and then my blood work wouldn't allow me to have it fixed. Also, it could get infected if we don't. Thankfully my platelets were in a normal range so I can see the dentist. 

My baby sister, Katy, was very brave and sat with me while they pulled off more blood samples to test for bacteria in my port.  Last week's sample did not grow anything after 5 days, but the doctor believes it may have already flushed into my bloodstream when they tried to get a sample.  They did have to lay me on a tilted bed so that my head was downhill to get the sample from my port to pull back, but once it worked all was well.  They flushed the port with saline and heparin again and we stayed for about 30 minutes with no signs of a reaction. 
Katy said she usually looks away when they do anything with the port, but she had to be brave like her older siblings today and watch in case I had a reaction!  I just love how I'm entertained while sitting in that chair!

They will determine which treatment I will have next Wednesday once they know what work the dentist actually does tomorrow.  So for now....I'm looking forward to a week off....and perhaps a crown.

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