Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Who's best at healing?

Well, my blood sample is on the way to Maryland to be tested for the clinical trial. This feels odd, sending blood through the mail, but important! We don't know if Immunotherapy is the answer. We don't know if a KRAS trial is the answer. But God knows. I trust he's in the minds of all the playmakers, mine included! Just when I need encouragement he sends it! Just when I need a glimpse of hope he sends it! God, increase our faith and make a way for us! When the river is high and raging part the waters! Please remember to join us asking God for healing. Asking God for a clinical trial that will work and advance cancer research. Ask God to intervene, to provide in every way. Ask For God's light to shine bigger and brighter so people cannot ignore the blinding ray upon their heart! God is bigger than cancer. God is better than research. God is best at healing! 


  1. May you have peace like a your soul...and your body be healing at this moment.