Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Days

As I look out my bedroom window and there are many inches of beautiful white snow on the ground I long for a couple hours of energy to bundle up with the kids and go make a giant snow fort; lay in the snow creating snow angel after snow angel.  Our fire is going and windows are all steamed up from the temperature difference and it feels so cozy and peaceful.  A tranquil world that God has created for us to enjoy just for a couple days.

My treatment facility is open today so the normally 45 minute each way drive will probably turn into double that time each way, but we will venture out to do what is necessary and I'll stick my snow boots in the snow and attempt a good smile about it.  I was happy to have a day off yesterday. The drive is getting so long and routine for me and I know it is for my drivers as well.  In the business of saving life we can't have too many relaxing snow days though so off I go to get ready and I will focus on the fact that there are other nurses and doctors that had to venture out to take care of me today when they want to be home as well.   So thank you God for  them and thank you for the beautiful change of scenery for today's drive south. 


  1. It was a purple day for me today. :)

  2. I'm not sure we will be able to get you to go "south" for anything for awhile after this is over. That drive makes it feel like a much longer day.