Thursday, February 18, 2016

We're In It To Win It

I met this sweet woman in 2011 after my first round of treatment! I thought my cancer was past history at the time and attended a brunch with a group who called themselves the cancer posse. Little did I know the amazing friends I'd still have today because of that 3 hour brunch! Lesley and I both spent our summer and Fall of 2015 enduring chemo and all the side effects of that, including going bald! Today she sat with me as I waited to do my scans and then we enjoyed an entire pot of tea and a wonderful girlie lunch! Our battles are different, yet so much alike. We're "in it to win it" for better or worse! We love our husbands, we ache for our children, we pray for a cure! And look at all that same-colored hair blowing in the wind! 

Thank you for letting me talk and for sharing your heart with me today Lesley! 

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