Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Wish from Mom

Wishing you the simple peace from childhood --Love, Mom

Mom and Grandma are flying in today to see Kristi and take their turn at care taking next week.  It has been so difficult for Mom to not be able to just move in and be here full time.  She owns a tax business in Colorado and this is a rough time to be away.  A BIG Thank you from Kristi and the entire Nay Family to Kalene Weinholdt and Marie Haskett for being so willing to keep things going while Mom has needed to be gone. 

Today's Update:  They are planning to compare the MD Anderson records with their findings here, but believe they will release Kristi to go home in the next couple of days with home health coming 1-2x a day to administer her antibiotics.  She has started eating again and is still battling some nausea and pain, but nothing compared to what it was on Monday.  If she is still having these issues once the infection is gone and once she is eating more regularly they may order some further gastrointestinal tests.  Kristi says....NO MORE TESTS!! 

Continue to pray that the blockage will be removed and that Kristi can eat without the side effects.  Pray that these antibiotics will completely remove any infection in her body and that she can begin to regain her strength.  

Also:  Thank you to to Billy and Kristi's Church and to the Community Groups at Fellowship Bible for all the meals and household items.  Also, the gift cards given last week by a Community Group was perfect timing for some needed items at Walmart to make life more manageable and organized at home for Kristi's care.  Thank you Simmons Chicken for all the Chicken! You all have made our burden lighter and allowed us to focus on "the people" needs.   Many of you have given for medical bills, housecleaning, mortgage payments, rent in Houston, needs in Houston for travel and food for our entire family,  tons of cards and gifts, and meeting the needs of caring for the children in their daily life.   Kristi and Billy have been overwhelmed and grateful and we have been blessed by you.  May God give back to you in return.  

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  1. As a 'Mom' I hold a few particular memorable photographs of each of my children in my mind...from their childhood. So this message particularly touched a special place in my heart.

    We always want to 'provide and protect' for our children...and they are always 'our children' matter how old they are!

    Wonderful news that both Kristi's Mom and Grandmother are going to be able to spend time with her.

    With love,
    Sue (JJs Mom) ;)