Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Update: Arkansas Hospital - March 13th

It was so nice to be able to take Isaiah and Alyssa to see their Mom at the hospital.  It alleviated their anxiety to go see her and know she wasn't "Clear in Texas" Alyssa would say it!

 Papa George had Isaiah and Alyssa rub Kristi's feet with lotion.  We do
that often for her.  Isaiah wasn't sure at first, but tried it, and Alyssa of
course did a great foot massage! 
When I arrived this morning, Kristi was having a rough morning.  Dad stayed with her last night and said she was able to rest some.  Her blood pressure was 78/39 yesterday so they once again had to remove the stronger IV Pain Medication.  It was still low this morning. She was light headed and nauseous and has gotten sick this morning again. They still made her push through Physical Therapy because she has not moved in two days and that could be contributing to some of her discomfort and issues.  We saw Dr. Din, the Hospitalist, this morning and he said her MRI results showed lots of inflammation and some small cysts on her liver, but this is all normal.  They did the MRI because of concern that cancer could have spread to her liver.  Thank the Lord, it was not cancer and all looked normal for "her age and post surgery".   He said they believe her primary issue is infection and that is causing the decrease in appetite and many other issues to overall not feeling well.  They believe the drain tube is allowing the infection to drain out of the abdomen so it isn't going systemic through her entire body and causing the high fever and other complications.   We are still waiting to talk with the nutritionist because Kristi is on the high side of malnutrition due to not being able to eat much without feeling sick.  The infectious disease will be by this afternoon after getting records from MD Anderson to compare the past infection treatment and results. Dr. Ivy will also come later today.  He is the GyN Oncologist.   We appreciate your prayers for wisdom for these Dr.'s and for her body to respond to the medication and be free from infection.  The drain is still showing the color of infected fluid.  Pray also that she can eat without lots of discomfort.  The CT Scan from the other night did not show the intestinal obstruction, but that could also be due to her inability to drink a lot of the fluid to provide a strong contrast.   She may have to repeat this if she cannot continue to eat.  They do believe the infection could be causing her to not feel well when she eats and have no appetite as well.  Please pray the obstruction does resolve itself.  It is looking like God has answered our prayer for staying in Arkansas for treatment at this point.  But, everything sure changes quickly in this process.  Thanks,  .....Danina

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