Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fighting Discouragement

When you face the perils of weariness, carelessness, and confusion, don't pray for an easier life. 
Pray instead to be a stronger man or woman of God. 
-Luis Palua

Even though research has shown that 85% of those having this type of surgery have many complications and often fight infection, there is always hope that one will be in the 15%.  Kristi often says that this recovery already feels long, and it is a year recovery and a permanent life change.  Pray for her heart and mind so that weariness and discouragement will not take its toll on her recovery.  The Dr.'s have all communicated how important her personal attitude, faith, and support system 
is to her full recovery.  

Kristi had a better day yesterday.  She was able to eat without nausea and pain, did well with physical therapy, and looked and interacted better.  However, today she did not feel as well, and was getting sick again after eating lunch and overall did not feel well.  It is hard to not become discouraged because there do not seem to be clear answers or solutions to some of these symptoms.  The fluid coming from her drain tube continues to look infected even while on 4 antibiotics.  Please pray for Dr. Stillwell, the infectious disease Dr., who is working very diligently and thoroughly to determine what medication is needed to treat Kristi.  He has found that two bacteria growing in her cultures are resistant to Levaquin which is what she was taking when she left MDA after her previous infection. Her internal Medicine Dr. Davila, and Dr. Ivy, the Gyn Oncologist, are also working with the Dr.'s and MDA to care for Kristi.  They will not release her from the hospital until she is able to eat and receive nourishment without the pain, nausea and vomiting, as well as, understanding the infection. They would like to do another CT Scan on Monday if her body can handle it.  Pray that she can drink enough of the contrast liquid for the scan to reveal any problems.  Monday night she was too nauseated to drink it all which weakens the contrast in the picture.   Please pray for wisdom for these Dr.'s as Kristi's case is somewhat unfamiliar to them on many levels.  Pray for wisdom for the MDA Dr.'s as they consult from a distance.  

Yesterday, I had a good day with her until I left at 2:30 to be home for Isaiah and Alyssa.  She also enjoyed a visit from Billy before work, and then Dad, Mom and Josh as they helped her take her evening walk.  She was later surprised with a visit when Katy went on a date with her nieces and stopped by to cheer Kristi!  She was even for the first time thinking she felt up to seeing some extra visitors and felt good enough to watch t.v. without feeling sick. But today, it was back to a hard day. We are all so sad for her and wait with her for answers and relief.  

Mom and Grandma arrived to take over for Danina and Elise. 
 Pray for them as they take over the care taking at home with the kids 
for Spring Break and Kristi at the Hospital.  
It is much harder and more tiring with them 
being in two different places. 

It is always so hard for any of us to leave Kristi, Billy and now the kids.  
As Elise and I were driving toward Tulsa this morning, 
the song Blessings in Disguise came on.  
I love this song anyway, but it sure made me cry today!!  
 Click on the picture below if you haven't heard it or want to hear it again!  
What if Trials of this life are God's Mercies in Disguise.  
I'm grateful this world is not our home!    
I can't wait to see what God is going to give you 
through this suffering Kristina, Billy, and Kids!! 
I love you dearly --Danina

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  1. Oh my what a rough road!!! We continue to pray for all of you! Can you update the mailing address, I'd love to send a card but not sure where. I'm so sorry that this is so hard, you all are wonderful for her!!!! Praying !!! Melanie