Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 7 in Arkansas Hospital

One day begins to roll into the next when you spend days on end laying in a hospital bed.  Kristi says she loses track of what day it is. Each day carries new ups and downs of its own.  We all find ourselves longing to make sense of the tid bits of news we get from each doctor or nurse who comes to care for her and often times that changes with each visit.  Todays Jesus Calling was very fitting when it said "Dont let your need to Understand distract you from My presence. I will equip you to get through THIS day victoriously as you live in deep dependence on Me"

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matt 6:34 

We are all learning to take one day at a time and Lean not on our own understandings but wait on God and His perfect timing.  Today Kacey and I (Amy) were able to spend the afternoon with Kristi before taking off for a few days to Colorado.  As I think about our mini vacation I long for Kristi to have a mini vacation from her long days.  I told her I wish I could just take her with me so she could stare out the windows and look at new scenery plus to all of us Colorado is the Home of our Hearts and we feel at rest there.  There is a peace that settles over you to be in the majestic mountain ranges and watch the snow falling. Theres a lot to say for new scenery and we pray that Kristi will soon get to go home - that will bring new Hope and rest for her soul. 

For today Kristi had a mini vacation from her hospital bed into the CT Scan - not so fun and often she has to find the happy place in her head as this is the 4th CT scan in less than a month. The scan will look once again for fluid build up, air pockets, and obstructions.  She persevered in drinking the contrast - thats the part she dreads the most and got accolades from her nurse at how well she did.  Today we also found out that her cortisol which they thought was low is normal.  So its down to this CT Scan and finding the correct antibiotic to clear up the infection.  As we were leaving today they were putting a pic line in. This will help a lot as she is getting bruises everywhere from all the places she's been poked to take blood each day.  This will also allow her to go home with IV medication once they figure out which antibiotic the bacterial infections respond too.  She still battles nausea but seems to bounce back from it quicker. Small changes are BIG Celebrations at his stage of the game.  She was even able to sit up in a regular wheel chair for her ride to the Scan. 

So now we wait - once again! I told Kacey to bring a book along because on some days we spend a whole lot of time just "waiting"  She entertained Kristi and I at times by updating us on her book, it's had her in tears and suspense.  

Thank you for waiting with us and filling in the gaps with your prayers.  Kristi told her community pastor today that your prayers were the greatest gift because she finds at times her brain is so weary she can't even pray for herself.  We thank you for being faithful that when the Holy Spirit nudges you to pray, you are obedient.  Kristi often finds that when she's getting anxious or discouraged those feelings dont take up residence in her heart and she knows its because someone out there has sought God on her behalf. 


  1. What an incredible quote from Jesus calling! Few experience His presence in a way that demands their full reliance on His strength.

    Believing His strength will carry you day after day.
    Love, Brian Hyde

  2. Praying for peace and rest.