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Update & MD Anderson Trip - March 26th, 2013


Grammy and Alyssa shopping
for Easter Dresses!  
Mom and Grandma Bessie flew home to Colorado after caring for Isaiah and Alyssa for their Spring Break and keeping Kristi company in the hospital.  Mom needed to get back to her Tax World. Katy's boys loved being with them and getting to have Great Grandma Bessie in Arkansas.   I don't know if they will feel more worn out from all the grandkids or taxes!! : )

Four Generations with Katy's Kids!

 Kristi had a nurse come into her room and tell her she had been approved to be transported to MD Anderson with a Medical Professional to administer her medication.   Kristi was surprised and explained that she had not even worked out transport yet and would need to call MDA to make sure she was admitted there.  When she called MDA they said they had her pending, but would talk to the Dr.'s.

She was told that she would need to go by ambulance with a nurse in order to skip the ER and be treated as a transfer patient from facility to facility.  Then they proceeded to tell her that her insurance company said it would cost $5,600 and she would be required to pay that up front, and then they would reimburse her $1,000.  Kristi, quickly told the nurse we were going to work on another flight option as God had already provided a nurse who had volunteered her services to fly with Kristi to MDA as the medical professional and He had provided a flight before.  Amy began, along with some others, working toward this flight.

At 10a.m, we all got a text from Dad saying they were going to transfer Kristi by road ambulance within 2-3 hours. Wow... not enough notice!!!  Kristi was told there were too many insurance problems and hospital policies to take a flight and if she rejected what they were offering it would cause many complications to her treatment and in the future with insurance.

The rush and stress began!!  Billy left right away to go get the kids out of school and get to the hospital to say goodbye.  (The Hospital is about 40 min drive for everyone in the family from their homes).   Dad and Katy began to try and get everything packed up for Kristi to take with her.  Josh went to the Hospital to say goodbye. The family began talking through if Dad needed to drive to Houston with her wheelchair and walker and other necessities or fly.  Amy began looking at flights options for Dad to get quickly to Houston.  We were all praying for Kristi.  She was anxious. Billy was anxious! The kids would be anxious. We all felt anxious.... Back to Houston and who will go with Kristi?  Who will stay with Billy to help with the kids since his job is from noon to 10, or 12 or sometimes 2 a.m.?   Where will we stay, and should we drive or rent a car?  ......and little time to figure it all out!!  Most of all, back to living with so many unknowns and travel for everyone and their family being separated again.  The unknowns medically.....What does this all mean, what will the Dr.'s at MDA find, will it require surgery again, will she be there long term or short term??  Whew....Stay focused ...........ONE DAY AT A TIME AGAIN!!

Kristi was loaded and given all the medication they could give her for nausea and pain via IV at the hospital.  This would not be enough to last the 10 hour drive to Houston so we prayed against nausea and that God would put her to sleep most of the trip.  God answered this pray and she was so grateful because riding that long on a gurney type bed strapped in and only able to lay on your back was not easy.  They stopped one time and she was able to sit up and move around some.  When she arrived at MDA they moved her to her same floor and she knew the night nurse.  She said, "Welcome home Kristi, we will take good care of you!"  Kristi was glad for the sleep all day because she had to do all the intake stuff and have numerous interruptions all night as a new patient.  She said it was sad to say goodbye to Billy and the kids, but they are also SOOOO ready for her to do whatever is necessary for her to get well!  It was hard for Billy to not be able to go with her, but he knows his Company has been more than generous already with his time and pay. Katy took the kids home with her for the day and they had a great fun afternoon together.  A friend of the family is staying the nights at their house part of the week and Amy and Katy will help with the kids on the weekend.
Billy and the kids watch as she is loaded! 

Dad flew out of Tulsa to Houston this morning at 8a.m.   We have rented a car and nearby hotel room through next Wednesday and will determine what we need more in the days ahead.  Amy and I are scheduled to fly down and relieve Dad next week if needed.  I spoke with Kristi a few minutes ago and she said she was doing okay, just struggling with so much nausea.  This constant nausea is draining and she never feels like eating.  She is mal-nutrioned and needs to eat.  They are considering giving her a patch behind her ear or a different treatment to see if she can get some relief.  Please pray they will get to the ROOT cause of her nausea and her infection.  Treating the symptoms is not working.  Pray that her infection stays contained by the medication and does not go systemic and septic. Kristi's primary Dr., Dr. Levenback, who has been talking with the infection disease Dr. in Arkansas, is out of town this week.  However,  her other two primary Dr.'s and surgeons are there.  Pray for wisdom for all of them in the days ahead.  We continue to ask God to close up any fistula so she will not have to go through surgery again.

"Abba, Father," he cried out, "everything is possible for you. Please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine." Mark 14:36

Jesus prayed this prayer over 2000 years ago this very week as he went to the cross.  We have prayed this Scripture as a family from the beginning of this journey, and we continue to pray it.  I told Kristi last Wednesday that God has seemed content to not remove her cup of suffering yet and am praying for His enabling for all of us to continue to live well with this suffering so that His Will will be accomplished and He will receive the Glory.  Kristi wants this.  As Amy wrote earlier....Kristi is asking God to help her remain under this trial until God is finished with His work.

May you remember Christ's sufferings this very week, and thank Him for "Doing the will of the Father" so we might have eternal life and hope in our own suffering.    - Danina

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