Thursday, March 28, 2013

MD Anderson - Day 1

Dad updated us last night and said it had certainly been a long, nauseous  day.  Kristi has been very restless and uncomfortable all day. The zofran is no longer working, and she had been getting relief from phenergan, but was finding no relief with it yesterday.  We have all come to understand that when Kristi is very nauseated and trying to not get sick, she appears to have restless leg syndrome!  She closes her eyes and shakes her right foot continuously.  Dad said, she did that all day yesterday and was so tired, but unable to sleep because of how sick she felt. 

She was visited by several Dr.'s yesterday, including 2 infectious disease Dr.'s. One is the head of the department.  He would like to work on the medications where she could go home on them, rather than be in long term care.  He also communicated that sometimes if they can control the infection, the leaky intestine or fistula can heal itself without surgery.  Please pray for this option!!  

Dad said they also communicated that if the infectious pocket (abscess) is too big, they may need to go in with a large needle and drain them. Their radiologist is going over the CT Scans from AR and will determine if they need to do more scans there.  MDA scans take 450 picture slices compared to the 91 on the scan machine in Arkansas.  So...MUCH more detailed equipment.  Because of this, I bet she will need to do another scan once her stomach can possibly handle the drink.  I'm sure they want to make sure it is safe for her body to do another scan as well.   Dad said, "No big plans yet, just studying and putting the puzzle together. "

I hate that Kristi has had such a miserable day, but on one hand, I am glad they are seeing some of her symptoms at their worst.  This will help them move toward treatment more effectively and efficiently.  Continue to join us in praying for wisdom and understanding for those treating and caring for Kristina. 

I'll end this update with a text Dad sent to us all yesterday morning as he was boarding his flight to Houston. "Let's continue to tell the story for God's Glory even though we do not know the ending!!  It is God's plan and God's purpose and we continue to walk by FAITH ALONE". 

Walking by Faith,
Danina for the rest of us! 


  1. Thanking God today for the ability for Kristi to be cared for at MD Anderson!

  2. Prayers for healing without surgery and the doctors wisdom to know what to do that is best for Krisi's body. Strength for all involved.

  3. Praying for you all. This is such a long process and we are sure everyone is getting weary. We are confident along with you that God is in control even when it is so difficult. Love you all and hanging on to this end of the ropes with prayer.